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This is Your Brain on Sugar


Have you ever wondered why people continue to eat so much sugar, even though it is associated with so many chronic diseases? Click the video below to watch and listen as Dr. Avena explains why we can't get seem to get enough of it, and why it is so important to eat it in moderation.



Our Nation's Sugary School Meals 

It is scary to think that when kids get their meals from school they are getting well over the recommended amount of daily added sugar, all before 3 o'clock. It's no wonder more and more children are classified as overweight and obese nowadays! Read the recent article by US News, titled "Snack Crack:" Our Children's Addiction to Sugar where Dr. Avena explains why sugar is so addicting, and why it shouldn't be so prevalent in school foods.


How's Your Relationship with Your Fitness Tracker?


Do you have a healthy relationship with your fitness tracker, or do you find yourself obsessing over the numbers and stats on a daily basis? Read the article in Women's Health:

"Are You in a Toxic Relationship with Your Fitness or Weight Loss Tracker?" where Dr. Nicole Avena gives her expert opinion on the subject!

Whether you're tracking for weight loss, fitness, or nutrition benefits, feeling addicted to your device or app stems from one problem: your negative thoughts outweighing the positive, says Avena. "It can put a lot of people in the position where they feel like they are never good enough," she says.