Dr Nicole Avena Wellness Programs

A series of lectures and seminars designed to instill healthy eating habits in your school or organization

Wellness-series Lectures & Seminars

Dr Avena's wellness-series lectures are designed for non-scientist audiences who are interested in improving their nutrition and health. They provide science-based information and advice on how individuals can develop better eating behaviors, and recognize pitfalls in the environment that often derail healthy eating attempts.

General Corporate

These services are designed for corporate wellness programs, hospital fairs, CME, or for other special-interest groups interested in learning about food addiction & healthly eating.
  • Food Addiction and Obesity: How do highly-caloric and palatable foods hijack the reward system in the brain? In this seminar, Dr. Avena presents the science behind food addiction - which may result in excessive overeating and obesity that is resistant to traditional dieting. She suggests ways to avoid and recover from these addiction-like eating behaviors. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of food cravings and addiction, and be equipped with the tools to devise coping strategies & programs.
  • The Psychology of Healthy Eating: In this lecture and interactive discussion, Dr Avena presents the psychological principles (emotional, social and cognitive) that underlie eating behavior and how psychology can easily (and often without us knowing) lead us to eat in ways that are unhealthy. An understanding of this process will allow attendees and their organizations to avoid unhealthy eating patterns and make sensible food choices.

Education and Parenting

These services are designed for schools (K-8 or high schools), teachers and parenting organizations.
  • Raising Children to Eat Right: Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death in the USA. Kids are at the greatest risk for developing not just obesity, but life-long diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Despite coaxing and education, many kids still prefer to eat unhealthy food. In this lecture and discussion, Dr. Avena explains the dangers of obesity in youth into adulthood, and explores some of the common psychological and nutritional mistakes that parents make raising their children that can inadvertently promote unhealthy eating, and offer solutions on how to fix them.
  • Hey kids! You Are What You Eat: In this fun, interactive seminar designed for school children (K-8 or high school), Dr. Avena teaches kids about science and nutrition all in one. She helps children to see why healthy eating is essential to be their best (both in the classroom and on the playing field). Through games and creative animations, children learn about basic brain and body systems, and also learn about what is in our processed foods. This presentation comes with additional materials on nutrition and the body that can be used by teachers and parents.

How do we get started?

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Expert Witness Services

Support to litigators from consulting with law firms, to developing reports and providing depositions and testimony.

Food & Pharma Advisory

Expert services to support product development, formulation optimization, risk assessment & marketing.

Keynote Speeches

A series of lectures and seminars designed to instill healthy eating habits in expectant parents, kids and adults.