Dr Nicole Avena What to eat when you're pregnant

Mom-to-be & finding pregnancy dietary advice confusing?

"As a pregnant woman I found the information out there for me and other moms-to-be confusing, limited, and overwhelmingly focused on the negatives: avoid this, avoid that. I found myself wondering, After we avoid all of those foods, what should we eat? "

~ Dr Nicole Avena

The truth behind food scares: what NOT to eat when you're pregnant

"With mounting evidence regarding the value of good prenatal nutrition, it is important that women who are expecting have the opportunity to learn about the new scientific findings - and the misinformation - in this area in a realistic, accessible, and hype-free way"

~ Dr Nicole Avena

I wrote this guide to support a mom's health and her baby's development

"My book is a week-by-week Guide to what to eat and what to avoid eating during each stage of your pregnancy. It features simple meal plans and recipes, and strategies to keep your weight in check during pregnancy & return to your ideal weight after pregnancy"

~ Dr Nicole Avena

Dr Nicole Avena | What to eat when you're pregnant | Trade Paperback ISBN 978-1-60774-679-9; eBook ISBN 978-1-60774-680-5 | Copyright © 2015 by Nicole M. Avena

Content: Part I: Why Is It Important to Eat Well during Pregnancy? 11; 1: Evolution of the Baby Bump and Being Pregnant Today 12; 2: Why Your Baby Weight Matters 21; 3: The Key Nutrients You Need during Pregnancy 32; Part II: What to Eat during the Stages of Pregnancy—A Week-by-Week Guide 59; 4: The First Trimester 60; 5: The Second Trimester 85; 6: The Third Trimester 113; Part III: How to Eat Well during and after Pregnancy 143; 7: My Hormones Made Me Eat It! How to Avoid 144 ; Using Food to Feel Better ; 8: What You Can Do to Keep Your Weight Gain on Track During Pregnancy 153 9: Losing Your Baby Weight and Maintaining a Healthy Diet beyond the Bump 163; Appendix A: Food Safety and Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy 182; Appendix B: Eating Well While Nursing 192; Appendix C: Special Medical Considerations 203; References 213; Metric Conversion Charts 232;Index 233

Ten Speed Press First Edition 978-1-60774-679-9 978-1-60774-680-5